What can you expect in Newsfeed Nobility?

The 5x5x5 method is a step by step model that is plug and play.  Strategically we are going to walk through each step of the process together...all in less than 20 minutes a day. 

There is nothing overwhelming or overcomplicated about the 5x5x5 system.  Students report seeing results in the first few days of starting.  Yeah...it is THAT simple.


Save thousands of dollars!

Stop wasting money on expensive PR companies… using the 5x5x5 tactic you can get in front of thousands of your ideal prospects… without spending a single penny. 


PLUS, since it’s free you can afford to stay in front of your prospects day after day, creating the ever important Top of Mind Awareness that gets people to know, like and trust you!


Reclaim YOUR time!

Your Ideal Clients Find YOU. Replace networking events.  Rise above the competition by using your own unique position to sell yourself.  Clients will feel drawn to YOU and start seeking YOU out.


Gain referral partners on autopilot!

Your Personal Brand is the number one way to build the "Know, Like & Trust" Factor with people.  When you use social media you get the bonus of doing it all from your computer or phone.  No more spending endless hours at networking events.  You can now be everywhere without going anywhere!



Regain Control!

A personal brand is important no matter what you do in the future.  Remember you are building something that is yours and yours only.  As your career grows, or possibly changes, your audience will grow and cheer you along. You are in the driver's seat!

Can you do this on your own without Newsfeed Nobility?

Yeah you certainly can.  I’ve spent thousands of dollars learning these techniques.  Wasted even more time.  Spent sleepless nights trying to figure out why certain things won’t work.  


I’ve done all the leg work, spent the money and you can too!


BUT...if you are looking to free up your time, eat dinner with your family and make a small investment in yourself...Newsfeed Nobility and the 5x5x5x method is your answer

What the hell makes Sandra the expert?


Glad you asked.  I know I am not your average Organic Social Media Marketer.  


I'm not super shiny, skinny and trendy.  You will likely never catch me in a flat felt tan colored brimmed hat, in a clean kitchen positioned just right in the light. 

I'm not starting sentences with "Heeeeyyyy Everyone it's YOUR guurrrllll SAAAANNNDRA" 


I start the majority of my sentences with "Yo! Bro! You won't believe...."


We’ve all seen these “influencers” or “coaches” online.  Both men and women appealing to the masses.  Regurgitating trends, dancing, talking in a really annoying voice (in my opinion) and flashing fancy things.  The only thing that changes is the Men flash cars and the Women flash flawless kitchens and kale. 


If you are looking for someone with tens of thousands of followers to show you how to sell a trending product.  You have the wrong gal.


BUT I will say “Yo...Bro!” 

If you are looking for someone who has experience running a companies using Organic Social Media you found the right person.


I am often referred to as the Queen of Organic Social Media.  Being the "cute girl" on social media helps sell yoga mats.  That is not what we are here to do.  I am here to help you build your own personal brand and position yourself as the foremost expert in your area.  That is real life.  What I do is real life.  Not filtered, fake and trending.

I have a unique ability to bring a feminine perspective to marketing with a “bro marketing” twist.


BONUS:  I've done it myself...TWICE!


I started in Insurance Sales cold calling and attending as many networking events as I had free time. 

Running non-stop I slammed right into the burnout wall. 

Face first.


I peered over that wall and saw the magical world of Digital Marketing. 


It was love at first training.


Let's be honest.  Networking is exhausting.  Cold calling is exhausting. 


Up at 6:00 to hit the road and listen to a room full of people drone on about business at 7:00. Stale coffee in hand.  I never wanted to start my days this way again.  


I pick and choose when and where I wanted to Network. 

As an added bonus I am usually the one presenters at these events.  


With the ease of Organic Social Media Marketing I immediately started:

-Making solid referral partner connections

-Expanding my sphere of influence

-Creating real business partnerships online (with people I had never even met in real life)

-Positioned myself as the expert in my local area

-Helped both referral partners and future clients KNOW, LIKE AND TRUST ME

-Freed up my time to spend with my family & friends

-Saved money on membership fees, events and the endless silent auctions


Did it work?


Um YUP it sure did!


In my first year of switching my marketing plan. 

I was no longer cold calling and old school hitting the streets.


I received a nomination for "Best In Billings" Insurance Agent.


Guess what!


I wasn't even an Insurance Agent at the time. 

The nominations came out THE DAY I opened my own office. 

It was great timing or I would have had to contact the paper and decline the nomination.


How did this happen?


Marketing my friends! 

Perception in Reality. 

Write that down. 


Let's break it down. 


I followed my proven 5x5x5 method.


I created strong relationships.

Positioned myself to be everywhere without having to go anywhere.

Leveraged customer reviews & testimonials.

Participated in community events (virtually)

Strategically attended events that fit into my schedule.


Boom! It works!

The next question....Why are you still not in insurance?



Great Questions! 

About six months after I started my agency my amazing husband Derin was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  

As new business owners and newly weds we focused our attention on fighting that battle and sold the company a few months later.  Derin is happy and healthy now!


Following the removal of his brain tumor and finding out we were pregnant with the now famous Gage I had to pivot.


Yup the pivot was cool before 2020.


I moved into the digital marketing space full time.  Hired the best mentors I could find and hit the ground running.


The biggest problem I faced was the same problem I had when starting in insurance.


No one knew me!


So what did I do?  You know the answer!  I used my organic social media chops all over again. 


Rinse and Repeat.


I followed my proven 5x5x5 method.


I created strong relationships.


Positioned myself to be everywhere without having to go anywhere.


Leveraged customer reviews & testimonials.


Participated in community events (virtually)


Strategically attended events that fit into my schedule.


Boom!  Clients booked and business started coming in. 

I have built a national brand from an extremely small town in Montana. 


Over the last few years of focusing on Digital Marketing I have

Been on featured on top rated podcast

Coached in high ticket training courses

Ran paid Facebook ads for high level digital marketers

Consulted with numerous insurance agents

AND featured in the Documentary "On The Road"


So...back to the first question.


"What the hell makes Sandra the expert?"

The answer is simple.

I've done it myself...for years.

Not only ONCE but TWICE!


“Sandra is an amazing business woman who has impressed me always with her knowledge of social media, networking and sales. It takes a guru of sorts to make it these days, setting yourself apart from others in the field of online networking and sales. Sandra has made it possible for small businesses to be able to make the most of their time and reach out to a wide audience base, Connect organically with customers outside of family and friends and really make a way for themselves as the "it" person who sells and markets their product and ideas. I have learned so much from Sandra that I now gain new customers weekly, feel more confident in what I am doing and continue to learn new ways, fresh ways to stay on top of this internet game, putting me in a lead position against some of my competitors. I would highly recommend her expertise to anyone looking for a coach or guidance.”


Kristen E.

“Sandra is one of a kind. I like to refer to her as "Supergirl."  Sandra has helped me transform multiple businesses with her organic and paid marketing techniques. She actually knows what she's talking about and is not one of those "pop up" gurus selling random "stuff."  I highly recommend working with Sandra. You will not regret it!”


Steve M.

"We've been doing the 5x5x5 and the simple things like including their name in the comments has been huge.  I've gotten 5 medicare leads from Facebook!"


Brian L.


After watching the first training video in the Newsfeed Nobility program Michael C said “Sandra Gebhardt it was refreshing to learn concrete strategies to implement rather than a bunch of fluff.  I have gotten more activity since yesterday just by changing my profile pic and interacting with people the right way.”  


What changed for Michael C so quickly?  


We start with getting a basic understanding of social media works.  Once you are armed with that information you can start interacting strategically.  Scrolling through your newsfeed aimlessly does not produce business results. It wastes valuable time. 


Michael C has already started regaining his time and is interacting with the people that can help him grow his business. 

Joe K.


“Sandra Gebhardt… where do I even begin?! Sandra has been one of my coaches for just about 3months now and it’s already some of the best training/knowledge I’ve ever been provided. Her passion to help agents is truly a breath of fresh air. We aren’t just statistics and she cares about our success on an individual basis! I highly recommend Sandra to any and every agent I can because of how much she’s already helped our agency in just a short 3 months! SANDRA IS THE SHIT!!!”

Kelly S. 

"Sandra Gebhardt is an amazing coach with intuitive insight.  She has this uncanny way of tapping into your mindset and helping you address the things that happen in your personal life that affects how you are handling your business.  Before I started working with Sandra I didn’t have the slightest idea how to use Social Media to obtain clients.  I was still working the old school way and failing in today’s new norms.  Now, I am successfully running social media campaigns that are resulting in a growth of my client base and an increase in my sales.  With Sandra’s coaching and mentoring my agency has just celebrated reaching my most profitable month to date."




Alright...We have made it to the bottom of the page. 



What do you do now?


It’s simple really...you have two choices.


 1.  Stay in the same old school marketing techniques.

2.  Take control of your brand and step into the future. 


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